Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tamna explanations

I know, I know. Tamna the Island has a lot of explaining to do. A lot of parts supposedly don't make sense. But they actually do. So I'm going to do the explaining for them.

Flaw in logic 1:
In episode 1, when William left for Nagasaki, he left a pair of geta(Japanese footwear) for his mother, saying:"I hated seeing your dress getting wet on rainy days. I hope you can keep yourself dry with these. WTF? What's she supposed to do? Dry her dress with her shoes?

 I've read the manhwa, and turns out those shoes are suppoesed to be like platform shoes. And William said:"If you wear these on rainy days in London, your undergarments won't get wet." Lols.

Flaw in logic 2:
In episode 2, William can't speak Korean. But he suddenly can in episode 3. And he speaks very fluently.

I spent a lotta time thinking this over. And I realised that Beo Jin should've been the one that taught him korean. Because in the end of episode 2 and start of episode 3, Beo Jin was teaching William some korean phrases. And in episode 3, after Park Kyu tried to teach her to write hangul, Beo Jin said:"I may not be able to write hangul well, but I am very good at teaching people how to speak Korean." And it totally fits logic because William speaks in Jeju dialect.

Flaw in logic 3:
The emperor wants William flogged to death because he did a play (Hamlet) that was not of Korean culture.

That misconception is 100% false. Actually, if you know your history and literature, me dearies, you would understand perfectly.
That Korean emperor is infamous for having killed his brother for the throne. Just like what happened in Hamlet. So the king thought that William was hinting to him.


Anonymous said...

where did you watch tamna the island? Viiki doesn't particularly work anymore ):

Heartleejunki said...

yeah well i watched on viikii. Isn't it still working? I just rewatched today