Monday, October 12, 2009

Lee Jun Ki hoaxes

This below is hilarious but completely untrue. These hoaxes surfaced quite some time ago, so I don't know why I'm only posting now. These articles were taken from a satirical website, but some people thought it was true and got spitting mad. By the way, that website is

After a press conference for his latest movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? An Effeminate Korean Guy, That’s Who!” Lee Jun Ki made some informal remarks that have sent shockwaves through the Phillipines.

"The Phillipines are sh!ts", Lee remarked.

When asked to clarify himself, Lee continued, "It's a sh!t country. Bad food, the women are ugly, and the whole place smells like old lettuce. I've never met a Filipino that I didn't want to punch in the face. I swear, it's like they have a dumbass-making factory over there."

As he spoke about his deep hatred of the Philippines, Lee became more animated, frequently brushing back his long black hair and adjusting the frilly collar on his pink shirt. It was suspected that he had become tipsy from too much pomegranate juice.

"You know who are the worst?" he asked rhetorically. "The young Filipina girls. The ones around 13 and 14 who watch my movies. Christ, they are ugly. Like little trolls. I hate their knobby little faces. When they come up to me in Korea and ask for autographs, I say "Go back under the bridge, you little monsters!"”

Lee then suggested renaming the Philippines and proposed several new names such as "the Shitappines", "Crotch Island", and "the United States of Boner Hounds".

This is sooooooooooo not true. I have three important pieces of evidence.

First one. This is a quote from the writer of this article.

QUOTE "Well, here's the story behind that article. I wrote another article making fun of Lee Jun Ki, and thereafter I started getting all of these comments from people who were apparently pubescent girl fans who weren't getting the satire. The article quickly became the most viewed, searched for, and commented article on the site. And for months, I ignored it, but after a while I decided I ought to have fun with it. So I wrote the second article. Which alone is just cruel and stupid and not even really funny, but in the context of the situation is...well...not really clever, but I guess you can understand it more. I mean, it was trying to put a twist on the situation rather than just making blunt attack on the philippines, which I've never been to, have no opinion of, and can only occasionally spell correctly. I figured it would only cause heartache and tears for 13-year-old Lee Jun Ki fans, the thought of which makes me laugh because I'm heartless. But instead it's been picked up by another bunch of people, presumably young filipino guys, who also don't understand the satire and are spitting mad about it. Really, I don't feel responsible for the feelings of people who can't understand obvious jokes. I mean, dumb people are always going to go through life suffering because of what they don't understand. And I doubt this little brouhaha will damage Lee Jun Ki's career, and also I doubt that I can be sued for what is clearly a joke. Now, regarding Korean netizens, they've been watching the site via the antienglishspecturm naver cafe for a long time now and they seemed to understand the satire for the most part. And if they let this article go without comment, then I don't know what could make them angrier. I don't think a big netizen attack is impossible. But the site is text-based and requires a good knowledge of English to even understand on a basic level. It's just not going to produce a reaction like pictures of wet t-shirt contests. Even, which is truly vicious, hasn't entered the average angry netizen's conciousness. But yeah, I don't really feel proud of the article in question. I'm disappointed that it's gotten more attention than what I think is better material. And I really don't like all the racist comments. I'm not sure what I should do with it. Pull it down? Clean up the comments? Let it die out? I hesitate to pull it because I've been aiming to make stuff that was funny and merciless and would not pander to anybody's prejudices and would not hold anybody's hand and pat them on the head and say, "oh it's just a joke." People have to think for themselves. For me to break the facade of seriousness and let everybody in on the joke wouldn't be right. I dunno. anyways, those are my thoughts."

Second one. Did you notice that they said he was drunk on pomengranate juice?

Third one. "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? An Effeminate Korean Guy, That’s Who!' This movie doesn't exist.

Alrighty. Time for another hoax.
Lee Jun Ki Becomes Pantyliner Spokes-model

By Billy B. Robertson HNIC

Actor Lee Jun Ki has been declared the new spokes-model for Kotex Pantyliners in Korea, a move that surprises virtually no one. Says Kotex representative Sarah Geller, “We feel that Lee is a perfect fit for promoting feminine hygiene products, because when you think of Lee Jun Ki, you think ‘douchebag.’” Lee quickly became a sensation after starring in the movie The King and the Clown (왕의 남자), a Korean remake of Juwanna Man set during the Joseon dynasty. The piano-playing Lee was then featured in a series of commercials for Seongnu beverage, a pomegranate-flavored estrogen supplement. His latest turn as a pantyliner pitchman has his fans excited. “I wanna marry Lee Jun Ki! I just want to hug and kiss him all day!” squealed Park Seongi, a 37-year old inmate in Yeoungdeungpo Correctional Institute.

Now. Of course I have proof that this is fake. In case you did not realise. Read all the highlighted parts.

And another piece of evidence. This picture was phtoshopped from another advertisement. The other advertisement, by the way, was the one for the pomengranate  juice.


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Anonymous said...

This is sad, is this why he does not go to the Philippines :(