Sunday, September 20, 2009

Horror drama flicks

Okay so this year I've watched some horror serials.

1. Hometown legends (2008)
2. Coma
3. Hon/soul
4. Hometown legends (2009)

Anyways, these are what is worth watching.

1. 1st episode of hometown legends (2008)
2. Coma
3. 1st episode of hon/soul
4. 4th and 5th episode of Hometown legends(2009)

Tamna the island episode 13 and 14 review

I fear Tamna the island is regressing.

Because there are flaws in logic appearing, just like they do in all other dramas. I'm not talking about those minor boo boos like the ones I ranted about in my older post. I'm talking about major ones.  Lemme give you an example: If there is a big misunderstanding that can be cleared up just with one sentence, then for goodness sake just keep your mouth shut.

In any case. Back to episode 13 and 14.

I was unable to watch with subs. So I watched without subs. I couldn't understand anything, of course. According to the comments and the high volume of tears, it was a sad episode.

But there were a few eensy bitsy problems.

1. Why oh why did william get angry with Park Kyu? He wasn't angry when Park Kyu forcefully brought him to Hanyang to be killed. So why is he angry now???

2. Why did William choose to perform Hamlet? He's a smart guy.

Moving on. I think that William has turned evil. He seems evil. I don't know what to make of it, but he seems to bear a grudge against Park Kyu now.
So you know what this means?
Beo JIn will end up with Park Kyu for sure.
Before episode 14, I was 99.9% sure that Beo Jin would end end up with Park Kyu. Now I'm 100% sure.

William, please don't be evil. I can't live watching Tamna the Island with an evil William.

Friday, September 18, 2009


 I wish I could be a kdrama critic. It'd be so great. I can watch TV all day, write stuff about kdrama, and call it my job. And get paid.

Anyways.There's a journalist/kdrama critic writing for the entertainment section of the newspaper. I don't knw why he does it cos he gets the facts wrong. He once wrote an article about dramas that are spin-offs. That article was probably the worst. He wrote that Lee Jun ki acted in the king and the clown, a 2005 production. But it was a 2006 production. And he said that the return of iljimae was a spin off of iljimae. But it wasn't. (Read Dramabeans' post on the battle for Iljimae)sighs. And he called the return of iljimae 'moon river'. While that is an alternative title, the more popular one is the return of iljimae.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Blue destiny lyrics

I found that nobody has written lyrics for Blue destiny, even though everybody wants it. So the kind me has decided to write it. Of course, it could be extremely wrong and incomplete.

Blue Destiny by Allison Feder

Tamna the island opening theme

Don't claim to know much
'bout the turning of the tide
People they come and go,
leave a trace

Oh but you are certainty.
Question marks have faded
Nothing we couldn't do,
hand in hand.

When the path was dark,
I could see sparks,
As you sailed straight through,
To my heart.
I will dry your tears,
Share out your fears.
Sailing to our blue destiny. (sail into?)

In the early light,
As your smile breaks like morning.
Something inside me stirs,
pure and true.
It's the curving of your back,
the protection of your warm arms.
Mountains could fall and I'd,
Not have a clue.

When the path was dark,
I could see sparks.
As you sailed right through to my heart.
I will dry your tears,
Shake off your fears.
Sailing to our blue destiny.

They can tell you our love is nothing,(love is wrong)
Tell you it's all insane.
If we burned to the ground tomorrow,
love's in the remains

When the path was dark,
I could see sparks.
As you sailed straight through,
To my heart.
I will dry your tears,
shake off your fears.
Sailing to our blue destiny.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pierre Deporte on Chusuk Special Misuda

Misuda is a talk show where foreigners in Korea come together to um, talk. It is otherwise konwn as Chatting with beautiful women or the global talk show. This episode was a 2007 episode with Pierre Deporte, and Sonia from "Likable or not", a special called chatting with beautiful men. I couldn't understand 99% of what was happening cos it was all in Korean. With no subs. But I still watched it. All nine parts. Why? Cos I'm craving Tamna the Island.
Pierre Deporte still had short brown hair, and was not yet the goldilocks that we know him as in Tamna the Island. He looks like he has just donated 5 litres of his blood. (You can take my blood!!!)

Pierre Deporte in 2007
Pierre Deporte in 2009

There was some guy from USA, and he was so tall, during the opening dance, when an Asian woman danced with him, she didn't even reach his nipples. He was probably the guy who was most influent in Korean on that show. When asked "What's the reaction of Korean girls whe they see you?" He did this mock eyeing-you-from-top-to-bottom-and-fox-whistling thingy.

And there was this Malaysian guy called Jing Chien Poh. He said stuff like Malaysia is a really backwater country where couples do not even hold hands in public.

And there was this Japanese guy who said that back in Japan, no one said he was handsome. But in Korea, girls are so boy crazy that they like his looks. So they came to the conclusion that all the guys on that show were LBH.(Losers Back Home)

And there was this really strong guy from Iran of Turkey or something. Called Amir. Two women hung on to his biceps and he swung them around WITHOUT TOUCHING THE GROUND.

And there was this really random talk show host that asked random questions like:"Who would you rather drink with out of the female panelists?"

Anyways, back to the highlight of the show: Pierre Deporte!!!!!!!!!
He said some rather controversial comments. He said that often in nightclubs, Korean women try to go over and chat him up. They approach and keep talking even when he makes it clear he finds them annoying, sitting next to him, drinking, and asking him his name. He said that his method of choice was to just ignore them.

And he also said “I don’t like when girls act like a princess, I feel like I want to smack their heads”

I thought that comment was hilarious but most people don't think so. Here are some comments on the dramabeans site.

WatchWhatYou'llSay - May 22, 2009 at 12:32 pm

I agree with Dramabeans on some of the comments are overflowing without restraint. I mean, no offense, you are on Korean TV, think before you say anything. Haven’t they heard the Chinese proverb “No one will think you are mute if you keep your mouth shut”? And when I was watching this show, even I feel disgust at what some of the participants were saying. For example, one of the comments from Pierre was “I don’t like when girls act like a princess, I feel like I want to smack their heads”. Really. Smacking people’s heads now. How kind and thoughtful. Nationalism is quite irking when it comes to extreme. I’m Chinese, and I know how extreme the nationalistic people can go. But when a foreigner basically just talking crap about people, you would feel pissed off too.


Personally I don’t think Pierre’s comments were necessarily offensive (I wouldn’t go that far) but it does kinda make him seem like a dick. But he just made himself look bad, so whatever.

But read this comment. I think it makes sense.

deana - Aug 18, 2009 at 5:48 am

lol, happened to come by this old post…“I don’t like when girls act like a princess, I feel like I want to smack their heads” Great, we’d get along fine. hATE the princess acts. but considering he pretty much grew up in korea, his views are more like that of the average korean guy as opposed to the average french guy no?

Anyways anyways. Back to the show.

And there was this part when he and this woman crossed arms and pretended to drink (nuptial) wine. Like in traditional Korean weddings. Lols.

Pierre Deporte on Gold Miss show

 Guess what?! I'm trying to learn a bit of french so that I can sub the french parts. Some parts are taken from youtube because I really can't translate.

Gosh this is stupid. It's a transcript of the Gold Miss show episode with Pierre Deporte. I couldn't understand half of it cos half of it was in french. Wish someone would sub this. But it was hilarious when they spoke in English because Pierre Deporte couldn't really understand the woman's garbled English. Oh and the Gold Miss Show is some talk show/game show in Korea.

Random woman: Hi!
Pierre Deporte: Hello. Nice to meet you.
Random woman: Nice to meet you.
Pierre Deporte: Have a seat.
Pierre deporte: You're so beautiful.
Random woman: Thank you. And you too. Um, you're handsome.
RW: What's your name?
PD: My name is Pierre Deporte (pronounced Pia Dipot). I'm from France.
RW: France? Can you speak French?
PD: Oui. (yes)
RW:Ah bon? (really?)
PD: Vous parlez français! c'est vrais! (You speak French! really!) (taken from youtube)
RW:Ah oui. (yes)
PD: Comment ça ce fait que vous parler français?(How come you can speak French?)RW : ahh...J'ai étudié le Francais ( ahh...I studied French..) (taken from youtube)

Cute Lady finishing her sentence : 10 mois. Pendant 10 mois, maintenant j'oublie tout. > ...10 months. During 10 months, I forget everything now.
And some more french stuff in between.

(Part 2)

here they spoke both at the same time, so I just could understand what Pierre said)

Pierre : C'est pas souvent que l'on peu parler français en Corée... > It's not often that we can speak French in Korea.

and then I didnt know what she's was talking about France because they cut it, then he replied to her with a laugh : Pourquoi vous pensez ça? > Why you think that?

 Interrupting guy: Excusez-moi (except that he pronounces it as excuze me) And now you speak in (gibberish that I couldn't hear)
(Part 3 )

At this moment the blond man (I forgot his name) tell them to speak English.

Then Cute Lady said desperately : Je voudrait parler le français s'il vous plais! > I would like to speak French, please!

RW: Ah, how old are you.
PD: (as he helps her put this bracelet thingy on) I'm 25.
RW: Me too. (haha no way she is 25)
RW: My face is 20, my body age is 17, and my..... (points to her head, searching for the words: mental age) in my.......
PD: four?
PD: I'm just kidding.
RW: Now, I will song for you and make a wish.
PD: ???
PD: You'll sing and then make a wish?
RW: Yeah.
PD: What's your dream?
RW: secret.
PD: So you'll tell me later right.
RW: Okay.
RW: You have to.
PD: i'll think about it
RW: Promise
PD: Are you gonna sing for me?
RW: Promise
PD: I'll promise you that I'll think about it. (links pinkies with RW)
PD: I wanna hear a french song.
RW: French song? (sings french song)
RW: Then I wanna..... Your song.
PD: (sings french song)

Then two (fake) policemen come and grab RW.
RW: Over?
PD: (french)

Cute Lady : Aurevoir...enchantée... > Goodbye...nice to meet you...^^'

pierre : nice to meet you too ^^

2009 Seoul International drama awards

The voting has closed. Finally. And guess what. Boys before flowers tops just about everything. Sighs.

For the best drama of 2009, Boys over flowers won with 10 000 000 votes. Iljimae followed with 7 000 000 votes. Painter of the wind was third, with 6 000 000 votes.

For the best actor award, Kim Hyun Joong came in first with 11 000 000 votes. Lee Jun Ki came second with 7 000 000 votes. Lee Min Ho was third with 2 000 000 votes.

For the best actress award, Moon Geun Young (painter of the wind) came first with 10 000 000 votes. Han Hyo Joo (Iljimae) was second with 6 000 000 votes. Koo Hye Sun was third with 3 000 000 votes.


I barely agree with the results. First of all, Iljimae shouldda been first, not boys over flowers. And anyway, wasn't Iljimae a 2008 production? What the hell is it doing in the 2009 drama awards?

And um Kim Hyun Joong's acting is one of the worst I have seen in the 20 something kdramas I have watched. Even Lee Min Ho was better than him.

Aaaaaaand, why the hell is Koo Hye Sun's name even there???!!!!

Sighs...... The horror of drama awards.

Tamna the island(creation myth)

nah just kidding. This ain't no creation myth. It's just Tamna stuff.

Tamna the island was based on a manhwa of the same name. But the manhwa itself was based on the true experiences of Henrik Hamel, a bookkeeper with the Dutch East India Company (the VOC).

In 1653, while heading for Japan on the ship 'De Sperwer' (the Sparrowhawk), he was shipwrecked on Jeju Island off the southern coast of Korea along with thirty-five of his crewmates. By then Korea was known as the hermit country. As castaways, Hamel and the others were treated well in the early months after the disaster. However, as soon as the novelty wore off, they again became the foreigners whom Korea had wanted to keep away from its shores. The fact that they could just have come from their arch enemy Japan perhaps added to the fate of the Dutchmen.

Hamel wrote a report during their stay in Dejima about their stay and about the customs in Korea. Of his first encounter with Koreans after they had crawled ashore from the wreck of De Sperwer, Hamel wrote: "We panicked as we thought these people were ready to lynch us." He described some of the later humiliations he and the others suffered. The men were obliged to adhere to the customs of the land and became all but imprisoned by the Koreans.

When the novelty of their capture was still fresh, the Dutchmen had been brought to the royal palace in Seoul, as a kind of novelty item for the king. Through interpreters and confidants, Hamel and the others were able to relay an urgent request to the king. They bade him to grant them their release so they could go back home and rejoin their wives and children. But the king refused. It was obvious to the Dutchmen that the Koreans intended to continue to restrict their movements. Following the local customs soon they were no better than slaves.

In 1666, after thirteen years of what then had become imprisonment, eight men including Hamel were able to escape. They managed to seize a boat and soon reached Japan where they were able to travel on to the VOC trading mission at Dejima, the artificial island in the bay of Nagasaki. Although Japan also was closed to foreigners, its local rulers and people at least were not unfamiliar with Europeans, especially the Dutch traders. (adapted from wikipedia)

“Hamel Ship” in Jeju Island, a replica of the vessel that took the first Dutchman, Hendrik Hamel, to Korea in 1653.

Flaws in logic in Tamna the Island

If you have been faithfully following the Tamna the island series, you would have noticed these flaws in logic. And probably many more.

1. In some episode, when Beo Jin nearly drowned to her death and William saved her and did the mouth to mouth thingy, Park Kyu beat the crap outta him and placed a wet cloth on her forehead. ???? How is that supposed to help?

2. In episode 8, Park Kyu snuck into demented priest's camp and NO ONE RECOGNIZED HIM.

3. In episode 8 or 9, William got slashed in the back, but I think he has this thing for carrying people on his back with back wounds. He carried Beo Jin and carried Park Kyu for one gazillion miles.

4. In episode 8 or 9, everyone thought Yibang was dead. Only Park Kyu realised he was still alive. Like can't they check for his breathing or something? If not for Park Kyu, Yibang would have been buried alive.

5. In episode 10, the two guards couldn't recognize Beo Jin despite having spent like one gazillion years guarding right outside her house, interacting and talking to her. NO BRAINER AWARD

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tamna the Island OST

Listen to these two songs. They're great. From Tamna the Island OST. I can't wait for the dvd and soundtrack to be out. opening theme  ending theme

Pierre Deporte (pronounced Pia Dipot)

He's my current obsession. His stage name is Hwang Chan Bin. And he's hooooooooot. I mean pretty. He's so pretty that there was one part in Tamna the Island when he seemed like Park Kyu's wife. He is French but can speak Korean fluently cos when he was 6, his father remarried to a Korean woman.
He is 24 years old, height:180cm, weight:65kg. And he's an actor and model. But so far, he's only acted in  Tamna the Island and Assorted Gems.

Some great pics of him are at:

Iljimae rant and review

Iljimae is set during the Joseon Dynasty, when the government is corrupt. Ryung is a useless gangster by day but a chivalrous robber by night, a Korean equivelant of Robin Hood. At the site of every robbery, he leaves a drawing of a plum blossom. Thus the villager know him only as Iljimae.

On the whole, Iljimae was great. It is one of mah fave dramas. Buuuuuuuuuut, it had a wierd beginning(first 3 or so episodes were crap) and a terrible terrible terrible ending. Terrible. I heard the last episode was filmed the day it aired.
But the plot was great. It wasn't another love-triangle-the-more-you-hate-each-other-at-first-the-more-likely-you-will-end-up-together kinda thing. It had me crying god knows how many times, even though I have watched it more than 5 times.
Oh and the acting was great. Iljimae made me like lee jun ki, who was just wonderful. And other actors like Lee Moon Shik and Lee Young Ah were great as well.
But I was annoyed with ze holier-than-thou Eun Chae and the emo-angst-ihateeverybody Shi Hoo.

Yups. That's all for now I guess.

Iljimae pics:

Come on. Don't tell me this didn't make you laugh.

Lee Jun Ki (unfinished)

I am a fan of Jun Ki oppa. Not just for his looks though. I like the fact that he's a self made man, and he is sooo talented. I nearly cried my eyeballs out when he acted in Iljimae. But he kinda sucks in My girl.
Jun Ki piccies:

Tamna the island episode 3 recap (unfinished)

First of all, to understand episode 3, you need to watch or at least read the recaps of episode 1 and 2. Duh. Go read on dramabeans or something.

Anyways. so here's episode 3. It's my first attempt at recapping so excuse me if it's a little crappy. I'll try to improve. Honestly.

So to their utmost shock and horror, they realise that Park Kyu has followed Beo Jin to the cave.(I just looove William's shocked look. So pretty.) Beo Jin immediately gets all defensy-defensy over William,saying that he's a good guy etc. But Park Kyu is all righteous and says that since William is a foreigner, they hafta report himto the authorities. Blah blah blah. Then Beo Jin introduces Park Kyu to William. But when she introduces Park Kyu to William, William is like:"F@ck you?" and he sorta laffs. (I liked the Beo Jin-Virgin gag but this one not really.)

Yedda yedda.

Then as BJ and PK walk back,BJ begs him not to report William. He agrees, but on one condition-Beo Jin is to be his "servant". BJ agrees, reluctantly of course.
And there's this hilarious part when BJ is servanting, and Geut Boon does this pathetic attempt to seduce Park Kyu.

Back at home, BJ tries a brown outfit on PK. Hes all critical about it, since she made it. Too bad it's not for him. It's for William oppa. Just then Yibang arrives (Here comes the bride, all dressed in white). He thanks PK for returning the jin sang pae. Duh oh. BJ is extremely angry and the two engage in another one of their cute fights. And once again, BJ's mum arrives at just the right moment to see them messing with each other.
After that PK tries to teach BJ to write hangul, but despite his efforts, the poor girl can't get it in her head even after an hour.

That night,It's Beo Jin's father's turn to guard the jin sang poom. But he falls asleep and some goods are stolen. Meanwhile, William finds the stolen goods and steals some food. Don't blame him. The poor boy is hungry.

So the next morning, BJ's dad is jailed.

PK leads BJ to the cave, convinced that William and Yan were the thieves. But he's not. Anyways to get BJ's father outta prison, PK gets William and BJ to fish for abalones to make up for the lost goods.
Turns out William is a better diver than BJ. When night falls, PK tells BJ that it's dangerous to continue, since it's not safe to dive at night. But William, my knight in dripping wet armour, says:"We have a job to finish." So they dive through the night, with um, a lamp full of fireflies?

And the next day, BJ and PK go to the "police station" with the abalones, even though they know they don't have enough to free her father. But omo, mircales do happen. Turns out BJ's mother is also there with a basket of abalones. And her father is freed.
That night the villagers throw a party to thank PK. During the party, Yibang arrives. He is all suspiciousy, saying that since BJ is sucha bad diver, how'd she get so many abalones? Did you really do it all on your own? Then Park Kyu covers up for her and says he went diving with her.

And the next day (gosh how many days are there in an episode?) the old man with William's blonde wig steals food from the villagers. When he's caught and beaten, Beo Jin defends him, saying they shouldn't treat an elder this way. And the old man proceeds to point out a few women, saying their cooking is lousy. Lols. Then a villager randomly says:"you're so poor yet you have your own water bottle."(like why not?) And old man says:"What you drink is most important". PK understands this as a hint and goes to investigate the drinking water of the guards of jin sang poom. And he finds that the water was drugged. Some sleeping drug I guess. And then he terrorizes the guy there by smashing the water vat.

And that's the end of episode 3. Phew!

Tamna the island(general summary and review)

For those who have not watched Tamna the island, I have one sentence. Watch Tamna the Island. It is great.
Oh and read these pages from dramabeans.

Anyways anyways. So Tamna the island has a few alternative titles. Shipwrecked, Tempted again, Tamra the island and Tamra is the island. It has broadcasted 10 episodes so far, of which all of them are great. But sadly unfortunately devastatingly, these are the only episodes left intact. The others will be edited to cut the series down to 16 episodes. Damn you MBC.

Moving on. The drama is based on a manhwa with the same title. Tamna the Island is set in 17th-century Joseon times as a young English castaway, William, comes to the island and meets the characters played by Seo Woo, Im Joo-hwan, and Lee Sun-ho. The name “Tamna” refers to what is now called Jeju.

This drama features mainly fresh faces.

Im Ju Hwan(Single dad in love, Boys before flowers) stars as Park Kyu, a royal inspector under the cover of an exiler.

Seo Woo stars as Beo Jin, a lovable lovable diver on Tamna.

Pierre Deporte or Hwang Chan Bin stars as William, an English castaway.

Lee Sun Ho plays Yan Kawamura. Boring character.