Monday, October 12, 2009

Lee Jun Ki on entertainment weekly

This post is also long outdated.

Okay. So LJK oppa appeared on Entertainment weekly. They did a guerilla interview with him. Which was an interview on the streets. It was revealed that they had tried to do the interview in 2007, but there were too many fans. So they did it again this year, at the very same place.

There was this Filipino(did I spell it right?) woman who came up to him and was so excited that she couldn't speak. She was speaking some wierd gibberish which even the interviewer didn't understand. But she calmed down and managed to say in korean:" You're so handsome!" and some other stuff. Then the interviewer pulled this old woman from the crowd(he did it on purpose I guess). And the old woman said she was Japanese. When the interviewer asked her if she knew who he was, she said :"Iljimae." Was that cute or what? Then the interviewer pulled out three middle aged men. They said that they were from Singapore and Malaysia. LJK asked them if they knew who he was, and they said "Iljimae" and "My Girl".

And then after the fans episode, they started the interview. I don't remember much because I didn't take down any notes. And it was really long ago. Like a month or something. But I do remeber that he said that Iljimae took a lot out of him.( It took seven kilos out of him) So he took a break for a while and held fanmeets. But later on he filmed "hero". And blah blah blah. And when they said goodbye to each other, LJK decided to play some noona/unni. He bowed in the traditional  Korean style of bowing for women. Lols. Oppa never lets me down.

And after LJK, they did an interview with Han Chae Young. I used to really like her. But now not really. She recently acted with Jang Dong Gun in "Good morning Mr president".

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