Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seoul International Drama Awards 2009

This post is like a gazillion weeks late. I watched and taped Seoul International Drama Awards, but it was only at the end of the two hours tht I realised that it had been on mute all the while. Anyways anyways, this is kdramafanatic bringing to you the best parts of the seoul international drama awards 2009.

Anyways, here are some videos.

SS501 U R Man live performance. Silent, shaking version can't upload for some reason. But here's the link for the perfect version.

Hyun Jong wasn't there because he was sick(H1N1??). Dunno about Jungmin though.

Anyways, the performance wasn't very good. There was something wrong with the microphones.Watch the video and you'll get what I mean.

And this is the acceptance speech (for Hyun Jong's award). SS501 accepted it on behalf of him.
(BTW, do you notice that that guy is Lee Jun Ki oppa?)

And Park Hyoshin sang Iljimae's Hwashin, which was voted as the fitfh best soundtrack. Beethoven Virus was first, and Boys Over flowers was second, I think.

Park Hyoshin Hwashin live. Silent, shaking version cannot be uploaded again.

Here's the perfect one.

It's so pretty. I mean the song. And Park Hyoshin. He only has one eye! Just like I used to be!
And after that, he and Taeyeon sang a duet together. Taeyeon wasn't very good. *ahem* But Park Hyoshin managed to lead her. You can see him mouthing the words when TaeYeon started on a note that was too high. But the last part is beautiful. I didn't tape this part. Thank god.

Then there is T-Max singing Paradise. They are a whole lot more talented than ss501, but on the whole, I prefer SS501. I have a bad feeling that the silent,shaking one cannot be uploaded again.

The first singer (is he the leader?) sings as though he's constipated.

Then............. The highlight of the whole thingy..................Drumroll please!!!!!!!! Please. Seriously. Please.



Well I can't upload again. But if anyone wants the subbed, silent, shaky version, leave a comment and I will send it to you via email. This is the unsubbed one.

Here are the subs. (Done by me) I think Lee Jun Ki and his Time Between Dog and wolf co-star, Nam Sang Mi, had the longest dialogue in the show.
LJK: Good evening I'm LJK.
NSM: I'm glad to be here I'm Nam Sang Mi.
LJK: It's been a year since we've been honoured wuith the award. SM I love your dress tonight.
NSM: I tried somethingt new tonight. Is it provocative?
LJK: How have you been?
NSM: It's been three weeks since I finished shootingand I plan to take a rest for a while. You've been extremely busy and you're even more gorgeous now. How have you been? How do you take care of your health?
LJK: This year, especially since I wasn't acting, I often travelled overseas to meet my fans in Asia. So I traveeled a lot. I was on the lookout for H1N1. I'll make sure I'm cautious. T take extreme care of my health so my fans don't have to worry. I heard about Hyun Jong's infection and I hope he gets well soon. I heard he was ok, and I hope that he can meet his fans soon.
NSM: Joon Ki, your fans are waiting to see you in your new drama. What's your plan?
LJK: I wish I could have come back earlier but I had to take some time off. I was away from acting for about a year, but I'll come back soon. So wait until I come back with an awesome piece of work. Sang Mi, how about you?
NSM: I'll start a new drama soon. I loved your movie. I'm sure your drama will be great too.
LJK: This is an award fromthe fans, which makes it so meaningful. I'd like to thank all the voters who spent so much time voting for their favorite actors and actresses. Thank you so much and we love you.
NSM: Let me announce the winners now. The peoples' choice for the best actor and actressgo to Kim Hyun Jong of BBF (applause)
LJK: And Moon Geun Young of painter of the wind. Congratulations!

This is a behind the scenes footage I think.

Anyways, in conclusion, If anyone wants any of the silent, shaky but subbed versions, please leave a comment and I will send you the video(s) via email.

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